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Wednesday, October 26, 2005 

Not too Hot, Not too Cold

int main()
So the events of today started rather interestingly. I do the usual; reset my alarm 11 times (even though I'm using my cell phone alarm, and it takes about a minute to actually go through the effort of setting another "call reminder"...). Then I stare at the ceiling for 5 minutes trying to convince myself to get up so I can go to work. Then stagger to the shower and turn on the water...

Now, ever since I've been at this new apartment, the showers have ALWAYS had medium temperature water. I turn the knob all the way to the left, but all that comes out is...lukewarm water.


The bathroom faucet and kitchen sink and washing machine and dishwasher all have the potential to put out some ridiculously hot water. I'm talkin' some ultra-radeon-UV-reactive-burn-yo-ass type water.

So you can imagine my lack of excitement about waking up every morning only to have to stand 3 centimeters from the showerhead just to feel a _little_ warm from the water.

Today was a little different though. After I finished showering, I noticed a larger knob positioned near the back of the one I usually turn to activate the shower.

"What is this strange device...?" I thought to myself. I poked it. Prodded it. Then gave it a turn.

BAM! Instant hot water! But I was already running late and I had just finished my shower anyway so its not like I could really enjoy it. Why don’t companies make shower controls more intuitive and less trial and error? All this time I looked like an idiot all huddled in the shower half-freezing and shyt. I got so mad every time I took a shower, I even considered sending a maintenance request—talkin’ bout "My shower is broke, no matter what I do the water is medium." They'd think I was an idiot when the maintenance person comes in, turns 2 knobs, and produces scalding hot water. Either that or they'll think I’m some funky alien with extra tough skin that thinks boiling water is just "warm". Uggg, the shower controls were clearly not designed well-- either make 2 distinct knobs, or make one knob that does it all. But don’t make 2 knobs look like one knob-- that’s just confusing.

return 0;