Monday, April 10, 2006 

Uphook update #9

void main()

Well, I simply have to finish the image edit option, and then I can technically start hardcore testing. The post edit feature seems to work well-- one thing I wanted to do was pre-fill in all the values of their existing post, so they simply have to edit (as opposed to entering in everything again). I managed to do this for the actual profile data. However, the preferences (where they choose who can view the post) would have been pretty hard to do (i'd have to dynamically parse some funky html and do some string replacements to get the values pre-selected without using javascript). Since the fields are encoded in a smaller form, I would have to do some parsing on top of it all-- not fun.

Right now, my Internet is sloooowwwwww. And I'm working on the site over RDP, so this speed is really slowing down my progress for today. I can do a little work, but the 1.5 second delay between the time I type something and the time it appears on the screen is asking a bit much. I'd rather wait till I get home to do this stuff.

In the mean time, I might take a look at supporting other images (besides jpg). The first test version of the site only accepted jpgs, and that kinda carried over to the present design. But now that I'm working with the image edit, I realize that I should really add that feature. I don't want to tell my users that they have to convert all images to jpg before uploading them-- that'd just suck. So I'm thinking JPG, PNG, GIF and maybe BMP (because some people still use it).

However, all my other code assumes the format of the images stored on the server is jpg. So the only thing I'd really have to do is make sure my upload functions can handle non-jpg images and convert them to jpgs before continuing.

So, I was also thinking about my adsense campaign. If you were to look at the site right now, you would see a blank pale bar w/ rounded corners directly below the titlebar. This pale bar was designed for ads-- it was even part of the initial design I drew on that piece of scrap paper shortly before building the site in Paintshop Pro and Photoshop. I measured the size against the adsense banner to make sure it was big enough.

All pages except the post pages have this banner (the reason to avoid them on post pages was because I really can't control the input of posts and it'd be trivial for someone to include a stop word.

Every other page can be (mostly) controlled by me. Even the search feature (which returns post titles) can be controlled. The reason: the search page submits data back to itself as a combination of GET and POST variables. The POST variables determine what matches come up. But if the default URL w/ GET variables is visited without corresponding valid POST variables, the search defaults to display matches to someone who enters all blanks (effectively matching only posts that specify "Don't Care" for all choices).

Since this is the page that the adsense bot will see, I can pretty much make sure I don't get blackballed because of some user's controversal post title. Today, I should finish the image edit (but maybe not the multiple-image format feature).