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Wednesday, January 11, 2006 

Uphook update #6

bool main()
It’s been over a month since I updated. I've been on and off with the site design.

So far i have completed the functionality of the post feature. I will make a testing feature for the database connectivity today, and possibly run some test queries. The easiest part will certainly be the search function, as its just parsing user input and converting it into the proper query.

The next part is definitely going to be the hardest-- I have to design the layout of the site. I have designed plenty of web pages in the past, and I dread it because I'm such a perfectionist. I spend lots of time on the smallest little details. So although Uphook will use a minimalist design, and I already have the basic layout completed, I still know that this is a multi-day job.

There is also another "hidden" aspect of the site which was not as apparent at first. The integration of the design with the functional implementations. I have form the framework from the design to ensure that everything fits together. At this point, I have no idea how difficult this could be. I just know that it'll be the last thing I need to do before jumpstarting the site.

In order to expatiate the process of creating this site, I will present a timeline that I can follow. This is done so I can finish and move on to my next project-- I can't disclose many details yet, but I anticipate this new idea can generate a lot of attention, as it gives out money 3 times a day to visitors. Also, another idea that is floating around might be something for later this year or next year. I'm just excited about making something like this. Not only is it fun, it is also applicable work experience.

In fact, I encourage all college students to start working on personal projects in your free time. Document, and have something you can show people, and you will have material to show potential employers. Material work experience that you pursued on your own without direct compensation is impressive. It shows initiative.

So without further delay, here is the timeline that I am just now making up on the spot in order to try to keep me focused. It's a loose schedule, so don't hate:

(7-day Week starting this past Monday):
1.5 (Friday) Front-page design complete. Queries working.
1.7 (Sunday) search results design complete. Begin integration
2.3 (Wednesday) front page fully integrated
2.5 (Friday) search results fully integrated
2.7 (Sunday) begin full testing

Well, there you have it, the most loosely thrown together schedule ever-in life. But it’s just me, and a large part of this idea is getting in there and hacking a site together. It’s more comfortable this way. If you look at my code, you'll think "wtf, this guy writes like a gnome developer!" Its very chaotic and could use a lot of work. Someday when the site is down, I may post the code. But in the mean time, we all know that source code is as detrimental to some web sites as it is to some professional systems. Not calling any names ....but *cough* *cough* *cough*...

return true;