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Sunday, April 09, 2006 

Uphook update #8

void main()

It's early in the morning (read: late, late at night). I just finished some image-rollover mods to the design to allow IE to display them better (the blink issue). Today and yesterday, I did mostly graphic work.

I'm getting closer.

And I'm babysitting my friend’s cat this weekend so I have cat hair everywhere -.-

Anyway, for the last two weeks, I have been tweaking the layout to make sure its compatible across most major browsers (wish I had a copy of Safari though). I added some lightbox capabilities to the site, mostly for image preview and sending messages and flagging. Getting it working actually took longer than expected-- there was some weird behavior at first that I think was due to loading the external JavaScript from a php-generated page. I also made sure the lightbox functions degraded gracefully, just incase people have JS turned off.

Rest assured, lightbox is the ONLY JavaScript I'm using (aside from some client-side input validation). I want my site to be very lightweight, and JavaScript can really bloat things.

In the last few days, I also finished most of the activation, flagging, and deleting operations. The last operation (and the most difficult to implement) will be the editing ability. The good news is that this is probably the last thing I have to do before testing this sucker.

Oh, and the regular site stuff- terms of service, privacy policy, FAQ section, etc. But I can do those easily enough. I really should have done the edit section today. Instead, I procrastinated and just chilled all day (VH1 Soul was showing good videos BTW). And I ended up ordering pizza and watching Hostel. So I really only had time to do some graphic work and write in the blog.

There will be much more frequent posts now that I'm nearing completion. I'm going to detail how I market this site and how I come out with the advertising and SEO. Maybe digg will pick it up-- that'd be awesome.

Input? Questions? Comments? admin@uphook.com