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Tuesday, April 11, 2006 

Uphook update #10

void main()

I JUST finished the edit picture function (not for multiple image types tho).

I did absolutely nothing last night. Unless you count talking about relationships and stuff (no fun). I'm suprised I managed to get the functions done today. I skipped lunch at my day job to knock it out. Tonight, I'll be looking at 3 things:

Multiple Image types
Apprentice (yes, i missed it yesterday. good thing i have DVR)

I'm pretty sure PHP has some built in support in the default install configuration to let me convert images and stuff. On my end, I wouldn't mind making a function capable of taking multiple image types. That way I'll have less code to write. I'd just replace my current function with the new one and include some identifier that is chosen by the file type passed from the browser so the function knows what file to expect.

And then, there is the task of replaceing all the headers and footers (i recently made some modifications. unfortunately not all pages use the standard headers and footers. So I might have to do custom editing in addition to changing the default header and footer that about 70% of the oages use).

Also, I need to look at the error conotrol mechanism. This is mostly a problem for the main post input form. I use header redirects to display a separate file. But I think i could use the flagging method i use for the profile and edit operations to notify the users of a problem. instead of redirecting them to some "error" gif.

At least the hard part is over. I'm thinking this thing can go live by the weekend. That would be good because I can spend all day Saturday exploring ways to market it, as well as looking at possible revenue models (probably ads).