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Friday, April 14, 2006 

[Adsense Profit to Pay Student Loans] : Optimizing Adsense

void main()

Today I earned a total of...$0. No surprise there-- nobody knows about UpHook yet. It's not heavily marketed. And even if it was, there aren't enough posts in it that people would stick around. What I need first are some seed posts. Then I'd need some way to drive people to the site. I can think of a good plan this weekend.

Today, I also optimized my Adsense ads. The original ads had a grayish background and blended in with a pre-defined ad section background (w/ rounded corners) that I had originally designed with the site. However, I figured I could do much better.

I first tried to change the color of the background theme for the ads section to a lighter color. But it really didn't look more blended in than the first attempt. So instead, I changed the color of the background to the same dark blue as the navigation bar. Then I changed the text to the same yellow that the site name is in. This looked "alright" but I thought it was a little awkward. So finally I just made the background completely white and formatted the text and title to match the general theme of the section headings for my site.

I don't really know how much of an effect this will have-- but I figured it would be wise to start off with Adsense as optimized as possible. According to other sources about Adsense, its VERY important to make sure the ads are blended well with the theme of the site-- and I think that’s what I accomplished.